"We The People" Club Of Seagrass

10386 W Halls River Rd

Homosassa Fl 34448


Email info@seagrasswtp.com


Like Minded Thinking Members
Why Should You Join The Club?
The club will be made up of like minded thinking members who believe in the constitution and have concerns about what is happening in our country today. The club will be defenders of the constitution and a voice of people who care about protecting our rights and America.
Your club will have outstanding food and friendly service. As a member of the club you can enjoy the facility for lunch, dinner, or just to relax. Your club will have all the time happy hour with well drinks and domestice beer for $2, call brands $3, premiums $4, top shelf $5.
Along with a regualar menu...There will also be food specials so that you can visit the club often. The club will also have sign up food features like lobster tails , oysters etc. 
The club is your second home located on the waterfront so bring your family and friends. There will be a monthly club dinner where you can see many of the members if you wish to attend.
"We The People" Club of Seagrass setting is for club business and a pleasant atmosphere for members to enjoy the company of like minded thinking people. Don't be on the outside looking in. This restaurant will be for members and their guests ONLY.

Club & Docks

Screened Porch



Tiki Deck

NO Pressure Membership
We hope all members will participate in meetings and events. But it is all voluntary.There are no requirements to be a club member that take the time out of your normal course of life by being a club member.
"We The People" Magazine 
of Seagrass
Transition To Private Club
We are setting up the infrastructure for a smooth transition from public restaurant
to a private club with restaurant. We have chosen Club Express a club online management program. Club Express is rated by PC Magazine as best software suite for clubs including security. The Club's exclusive website will be the central information source for members. Your club site will be where find upcoming events, committe meeting schedules, club news, food and beverage specials, and your account which you totally control. The will be completed in January. However we have already begun accepting deposits on monthly memberships. This is important as we need 500 Founder Members to open the club. Our members who have signed up since our introductory meeting on December 8th are very excited about the club. And the staff at Seagrasss are eager to make "We The People" Club of Seagrass a fantastic atmospher for you as a member.
Our monthly club magazine is one important vehicle we will use as our voice. Volunteer club members can assist in producing the monthly digital magazine only to be viewed in our website.The magazine will contain articles of political interest, fact checking, legislative tracking, editorials and more. The magizine will sift through media bias and find hidden information to piece together the truths on subjecst that threaten America. The magazine will also bring to light those who champion to preserve America. The magazine will have an attached blog where members can engage with opinions and ideas. Facts verified by the magazine can then be distributed by willing members to blogs at other news information sources and social media sites. This is one way how we make our voice heard and can be influencers. A second club membership called the Patriot for those living outside our area will help. Patriot members get one visit to club a month with restrictions and have access to the magazine. These members may also use the knowledge gained from the magazine to post in other conversations in there geographical area.. This gives the club a farther voice reach and network of like minded thinking people.

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