Week #1 Caribbean

From The French Island of Martinique

Snapper w/ sauce Au Chiev

Grilled snapper with an exotic vinaigrette made with herbs, chillies, aromatic vegetables, and lime juice (on the side).

Served with caribbean rice.

From The Island of Cuba

Abuela’s Picadilo

Chopped fine ground beef, bell peppers, green olives, garlic, wine, tomato sauce, hot sauce (Louisiana), parsley, and seasonings.

Served with plantains.

From The Island of Jamaica

Jerk Chicken

Half chicken served with caribbean rice.

Dessert Pineapple Rum Cake

Week #2 German

Authentic Sauerbraten

Marinated beef in 14 spices for a week.

Served with choice of two sides

Jager Schinitzel

Breaded pan fried pork.

Served with choice of two sides.

Wurst Plate with Sauerkraut

Knackwurst & Bratwurst sliced and grilled on the

flat top grill. Served on a bed of sauerkraut accompanied with whole grain mustard. Also a choice of one

additional side


Kaese Spaetzle

Boiled Potatoes

German Potato Salad

Red Cabbage

German Pancakes

Apple Sauce


Apple Strudel

Week #3 Italian


Italian Meatball Bun

We take dinner roll bread dough and wrap an Italian meatball,

baste it with olive, sprinkle with parmesan, bake and serve with

marinara sauce.

Italian Pepperoni & Provolone Stuffed Bread

Chicken Pepper Alfredo

Breast of chicken, alfredo sauce, chopped bacon, garlic, a little white pepper, and mushrooms.

Spinach & Shrimp Fra Diavolo

white wine tomato sauce, parmesan,

Tuscan Pork Loin

Marinated pork loin with roasted potatoes.



Week #4 Asian


Suggest Vegetable Egg Roll (off our regular menu)

Peking Styled Chicken

Two bone in marinated chicken thighs,

seasoned with ginger, sherry, garlic cloves,

and other dashes of chinese spice.

Served with rice noodles.

Shanghai Beef

Browned flank steak mixed with snow peas

and peppers in ginger sauce over rice

Sweet & Sour Meatballs

Ground beef browned meatballs, carrots & green peppers over

rice with a sweet and sour sauce on rice.

Kuay Tiaw Pad Thai

This stir fry pork dish highlights, peanuts, garlic chives,

bean sprouts, and ground hot chiles with noodles.


Fortune Cookie

Week #5 French

Coquille St Jaques

Scallops bake with mushroom buttons, tarragon, shallots, butter, and gruyere cheese. Served with a side salad.

Honey Glazed Roast Pork

Old dish from Normandy the far north of France.

of france.

Pork is drizzled with honey topped with a little butter and set with thmye and rosemary. Served with apples

Slightly tart making not to sweet.

Chicken Basquaise

This dish comes from the Basque region of France which

straddles spain’s border.

Baeckeoffe (means baker’s oven)

This dish is from a town in France called Alsace on the German border. A mixture of marinated beef and mixed vegetables, thyme parsley. Comes with a side salad.

Week # 6 Irish Week

Stephen’s Green Band

of Dublin Ireland

Thu 6-9p

Fri 6-9p

Sat 6-9p

All Entree’s served with soda bread with all the entree’s.

Beef & Irish Stout Stew with onions & carrots

Guinness Corned Beef

Corned beef rubbed with brown

sugar and covered in guinness (wetted gently)

Served with cabbage

Shephards Pie

Ground beef, peas, carrots and onion. Mashed potato

piped on top and sprinkled with shredded cheddar chees


Irish Coffee & Green Grasshoppers

Week #7 Polish Week

Polish Week

app is perogies


Chopped pork with cabbage

and noodles

Keilbasa & Cabbage


stuffed cabbage with a red sauce

babica polish sweet bread

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